2.45G Wireless Active Reader solution

2.45G + RFID Long Range Car Park / wireless access control Solution

This solution conists of a pair of devices that facilitate access into a carpark or wireless access control system .

A Transmitter unit is used to read the access control ID information from the Mifare MF1 or EM4100 RFID card and transmits the unique ID data to the receiver unit, which in turn communicates to a access control system.

Application : Car Park access system / Long range wireless access system


active reader


PCB module

wrist style

2.45G wireless active Reader / Tag

Active RFID technology allow to track the data from tags in long distance broadcasting in frequency ( 2.45 GHz ).
You are able to build up a network of readers for identification, tracking and tagging in all your premises.
Unlike passive RFID tags, active RFID tags have their own internal power source, which is used to power the integrated circuits and to broadcast the response signal to the reader. Communications from active tags to readers is typically much more reliable at larger cover reading range .
Active Reader
Frequency : 2.4G-2.5G ISM band , 125 cahnnels , channel bandwidth 1Mhz
Interface : RS232 and TCP/IP
singnal modulation : GFSK
Antenna polarizing : non-directional round polarization
max identified range : ~ 80 meters (open area)
sensitivity :-90dbm
Anti-collision : > 100 tags / second
pwer : +12VDC @2A
size : (140*105*35)mm
Free demo program with souce code is available
Active Tag
- frequency : 2.45Ghz
- card size : (87x55x5.5)mm

- card with optional power switch to extend the power life
- 3V x 2 lithium battery inside
- battery life : > 2 years (without power switch) ,
- low power indicator
- Tag Format : card , wrist Style ,PCB module are available


datasheetuser manual



2.45G wireless active Reader

- Frequency : 2.4G-2.5G ISM band
- Interface : GPRS, SD card
- singnal modulation : GFSK
- Maxmium reading distance up to 50m(testing under open area and NO interference environment)
- Special design be applied in industry market and hazardous environments.
e.g. logistic management, asset tracking, anti-fake etc ;