Access control System

AC-301 standalone RFID Access controller with keypad

- steel metal shell with blue back light keypad
- built-in 125K EM4100 RFID card reader
- support password + RFID card access control
- support one external W26 reader
- support multi I/O (sensor ,bell & open button etc.)
- support 1 set relay output for door lock control
- support 1000 cards
- size : (115x75x28)mm
- wiegth : 500g

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    AC-201 RFID Access controller with T/A software

    - built-in 125K RFID card reader
    - support password + RFID card access control
    - support two external W26 readers
    - support multi I/O (sensor ,bell & open button etc.)
    - support 2 sets relay output for door lock control
    - Interface : RS485 (max. 1200 meters)
    - support max. 255 controller with RS485 network
    - support on line or off line operation
    - support 2000 card , store 25000 transcation records
    - free full features T/A access control software
    - size : (120x88x18)mm
    - wiegth : 180g

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TCP/IP Access Controller with T/A software

The master controller works with Smart Access Management (S.A.M.) software which provides a user friendly interface to easily manage the Access Control System and Time & Attendance Recording. The controller communicates with the software to fetch card holder's information and security settings into its internal memory. It connects with devices such as Door Control Units, Readers, and TA terminals. When a card ID is read, it will search the information stored in its internal memory and makes corresponding response.
Multiple controllers can communicate with same software to form a large system.


USB - connect controller via USB, suitable for single PC or notebook computer
Ethernet - connect controller via Ethernet(TCP/IP), can be accessed by multiple PC. The controller can obtain IP automatically using DHCP or can be set with a fixed IP.

Internal Memory

1M Bytes internal memory, can stores up to 10,000 cards and 55,000 transactions.

Offline Operation

After synchronization between PC software and controller, all necessary information are uploaded to the controller. The controller then can work independently.

Device Connection

Four RS-485 ports to connect devices; a device can be a Door Control Unit, TA Terminal, or a HUB. One controller can connect up to 32 devices with 4 expanding HUBs.

Power Backup Battery

Internal rechargeable Battery can operate 10 hours when AC power fails.

Memory Backup Battery

A internal lithium battery can retain the memory content when power is not applied

Point-to-Point RS-485 connection

Each RS-485 port connects only one device, so that any malfunction device cannot disturb other devices' operation.

Automatic Hardware Detection

The controller itself detects all devices such as HUB, Door Control Unit, Readers and TA Terminals that connected to the RS-485 ports.


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